First Purselet Giveaway from the Monostache!


Purselet Giveaway from the Monostache!

The Nitty Gritty:
Enter Here:… The responses will be put into a spread sheet and I will use a random number generator to choose a winner~

Entries are Open: November 22nd- December 7th

Little Pixel Heart Please consider sharing this with your friends, as the more people that enter= more prizes unlocked! : ) And of course, I always appreciate it when people follow me! : ) Little Pixel Heart

Pink Square Bullet Grand Prize: 1 Purselet/ 1 Winner Drawn.

Red Square Bullet 2nd Place Prize (unlocks at 500 entries): 2 Purselets/ 2 Winners Drawn.

Yellow Square Bullet 3rd Place Prize (unlocks at 1000 entries): 3 Purselets/ 3 Winners Drawn.
You can find and share my post about the giveaway on my social media sites:



Facebook Page:


My Blog:

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Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U  If you’d like to see more pictures and get more details regarding my purselets, you can see them in the Purselet section of my shop:…

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October Coupon Code – New Shop Announcement

Oh boy, new shop promotion! I decided to make a coupon to get 10% off all orders, valid through the month of October. This is good for all items in my shop, both big and small~


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New Shop Location!

I realized I never actually made a post about the new crappy policy that Etsy adopted, and had only talked about it with friends on their personal Facebooks. Long story short, Etsy was originally an online market for handcraft artisans to sell their items, and now they no longer care to do that because they can make more money by letting cheap Chinese manufacturers sell on their site. This article goes into the issue in more…how-etsy-changed-the-rule_b_5708565.html

So I’ve gone ahead and decided to make a new shop with Store Envy, which I am really liking so far. It’s very easy to customize and organize everything, as well as copy listings to make things easy when selling similar items. The biggest problem with Store Envy is the traffic is pretty much nonexistent, but I am hoping the fact that I am keeping my original shop name will allow customers and admirers of my Etsy shop to find the new shop easily.

You can also find some of my stuff on Ebay too:

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Anime Weekend Atlanta Plans



I’m getting super excited for AWA this next weekend in Atlanta! Been missing out on a bit of sleep, trying to juggle both work AND making costumes, but it will totally be worth it! For anyone who doesn’t know, I LOVE Fate/Stay Night. So I will be doing a LOT of Fate cosplay over the weekend. Please feel free to come up and say hi if you see me, and if you’re interested, I will be running a brand new panel “Cosplay Couples”, which is all about the experiences of cosplaying with a friend or significant other! The panel will be held in room 103 (aka the Cosplay Panel room) Friday at 6:45pm.

-AWA Costume Lineup-
Friday: Yukata!Saber
Saturday: Armor!Saber
Saturday Night: Sukuyo Mankanshoku
Sunday: Tiger Dojo!Taiga

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New Pokemon Hoodies in the Shop- Absol and Luxray

absol2 shiny-luxray-concept

Decided to go ahead and put up some new Pokemon designs into the shop. they aren’t beautiful, as they’re just photos of concept art sketches, but after having quite a bit of interest in them, I figured I’d go ahead and make listings for them. Once I have made a finished hoodie for them, I’ll be taking photos of it and replacing the crappy concept art sketches. :P



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Eevee and Eeeveelution Hoodies


I recently updated the design on my Eeveelution hoodies, and included more support in the ears to help them stand up straight and look extra cute~

You can see all my hoodies in my shop here:

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Original Cute and Fun Fabric Purselets Up in My Shop



I recently made a HUGE batch of “purselets” (purse/wallets) for Otakon, using different cute and fun fabrics I’ve purchased. I was super happy with how they turned out, and really liked the fabric keychains for them that I was able to make with my button maker. I had about a dozen assorted purselets leftover after the convention, so I took the time to photograph them all and put them up in my shop. By far this was one of my favorites, I just adore the pastel rainbows on grey color scheme, and I really liked the pale yellow fabric and pink ribbon that I paired it with to make this~

Available for purchase in my store here:

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