Honeymoon Coupon Code For My Shop

As some of you know, I got married in April~ I’ll be leaving for my Honeymoon soon, and wanted to make a notice stating that any orders that come in after 08/08/14 will not be shipped until I get back (08/27/14). To make up for the delay in shipping, you can use the coupon code “ICELAND” to get 10% off all orders! This applies to everything, including large items like hoodies, scoodies, and phone pouches. Please note that any made-to-order items will have the wait period started after I get back~



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1,000 Likes Giveaway (Pokemon Themed)

giveaway-1000-finished-psdIt has been extra crazy for us at the Tofustache! Amanda got married in April, with Cassie playing the important (and exhausting) role of Maid-of-Honor! Immediately after, both of us had to get ready for Animazement in NC, and for 3 weeks in a row, had conventions to attend!

In other words, it took a little longer than we would have like to find time to do so, but we are excited to now be announcing our 1,000 Likes on Facebook Giveaway!

We decided to make this Pokemon-themed, as there’s been a lot of excitement for it recently. We’ll be giving away a Sylveon tofu plush from Cassie, and a Pokeball necklace, and Pokeball/Greatball buttons from Amanda!

This Giveaway will run for a month (6/11-7/10) and you can enter several different ways:
-Follow us on Facebook (Tofustache)
-Follow Amanda on Twitter (Monostache)
-Tweet about the Giveaway (available on the Giveaway page)

Thanks so much for all your support, we cannot thank you enough! <3

Check out the Giveaway page here:

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Oh Noes, Neglected Blog!

Sorry for just sort of forgetting about this blog! I have so many other sites I post on for my shop, I forgot about this one. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to make a post linking to all those sites, as I’m much better at remembering to post there:




Deviant Art:

My Shared Blog:



I’ll try to remember to keep up with this blog, though! D:

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Valentines Coupon Code and Giveaway!

Got lots of exciting things happening with the Tofustache this month! : )

First off, until February 14th, you can use the coupon code TREATYOSELF at the Etsy shop to get 5% off your order: I’m celebrating Valentine’s/ Hearts and Hooves/ Die Hard 5 coming out in theaters (though I may be the only one that cares about that :P).

More exciting news is that I am hosting my very first giveaway!


You’ll just need to “Like” our Facebook: and watch my Twitter: and go to this link to confirm that you’ve done both and be entered:

The giveaway runs until February 28th, and the winner will be contacted shortly after! : )

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New Items Available from The Tofustache for January events!

My partner and I (I’m the Monostash, she’s Tofutastic, and collectively we are The Tofustache), will be selling at several events in January!


We are excited to announce that starting this weekend at Jacksonville Anime Day, we will now be selling all our pony cutie marks as buttons! So many to choose from!


I also snapped a picture of some of the sweet fabric phone cases I’ll be selling! They are based off my old, smaller pattern, so I am selling them at a discounted price of $15 each!

Now back to work, so I can hopefully get more stock made in time for all these January events! :o

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Happy Customers!

I made a custom set of Flim Flam Brother necklaces for someone, which were Christmas presents for her and her sister. Got some absolutely wonderful messages back from the both of them, which absolutely brightened my day! One of the best parts about this job is the lovely feedback I get from customers! : )

Thank you so much for the commission Flim and Flam necklaces for me and my sister. They are perfect and came very quickly. My Discord necklace is also awesome!

We were also very surprise to see the magnets and the Black Widow keychain that my sis had her eye on for a while. That made us really happy!

Thank you so much and have a very merry holiday!

P.S. Did you choose to send us an Applejack sticker because of our Flim Flam necklaces?


Thank you thank you THANK YOU! so much for the custom Flim and Flam necklaces! They came just in time for Christmas and I was so excited to tear open the package! The charms are beautiful and look really classy! You can expect more orders from me sometime soon! ^^

I love the extra stuff too! The magnets are awesome and the Black Widow keychain is hanging proudly from my laptop case! It’s beautiful! I’m so happy! I have a new favorite necklace!  



They were also kind enough to snap a photo of them wearing their new matching necklaces! : )


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Choosing Fabric is Haaaaard! D:

My fiancé is building me a new ironing board/shelving unit for the workshop. Got all the wood and supplies purchased, except for the fabric to cover the board with. I’ve narrowed it down to these 6, but this is tough! :o


I suppose this would be much easier if I didn’t love fabric so much! Leaning towards the colored British propaganda patchwork design, though. I am so excited for the new ironing board, my current one is old, flimsy, and WAY too low for my tall body to use without getting a back ache. D:

Hopefully I’ll get the whole workshop all finished soon, and I’ll post some photos online~

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